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My Latitude and Longitude

Ever want to know where you are? You probably check out the native navigation app that gives your location on a simple map. But sometimes there is a need to have a little more accuracy than that. Especially as Apple Maps has had a few teething problems getting started.

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This unique and interesting app doesn’t just give you your location on a map but provides you your latitude and longitude in a clean simple to read interface. Using the GPS function of an iPhone you can soon find your precise location within a few metres. This clean interface gives you access to a wide range of information such as distance remaining, and estimated time of arrival. All with a clean simple to use interface that is perfect for on the go.

Not only is this an iPhone app but it is soon coming to an iPad with its larger screen makes an even better navigation device. Of course with a single tap you can get directions from your present location in an easy to use interface. It is ideal for those travelling, needing location info and directions fast.

We’ve all been there looking for directions navigating more complex GPS Apps when all we really need is some simple information. My Latitude and Longitude comes from new Maltese start up Asapp, specialising in mobile applications, social media technology in particular.

My Longitude and Latitude is available from the App Store Now for only $0.99. An iPad version will soon be available as a full resolution app.

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