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Dungeon Wagon 3D

There is nothing like an adventure. Especially when it happens to be a 3D maze adventure. If this sounds like your forte this free iOS game could be right up your street.

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As the game suggests you are in control of a wagon in a dungeon, which probably a unique concept in itself. In this game the goal is to collect as many gears as possible, much like collecting stars and bonuses in many other games. This can lead to extra levels, once you have collected a certain number of these bonuses you can proceed to the next level.

The controls of this game are simple, and you can master them almost immediately using simple swipe gestures for controls. They are well illustrated and look good on both the iPhone and the iPad. Another great feature of this app is that is a plus app and works on either device. The graphic renderings really do paint a great scene of being in a dungeon.

You do need to progress your way through the levels to get to the gears to play through the levels. However, if you don’t have the patience you can purchase gear packs to give yourself instant access to those higher levels. Of course if you do have patience you can play the beginner levels as often as you want to get the sufficient coins to progress.

There is plenty to keep you occupied, the levels are grouped into different worlds. So once one world is complete you can move onto the next.

Dungeon Wagon is available from the App Store as a free app today. It requires iOS 4.1 or greater.

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