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Are you the creative type? This unique interest app could be just what you are looking for! Etalego is an artistic app with a difference. There are many apps that allow you to draw with traditional

Lotto Numbers

We have all had that dream of winning the lotto at some point. This new app is a comprehensive tool that no only helps you choose numbers but also track the numbers that you use. Lotto Numbers can help


The mobile revolution has found many different uses to which it feels at home. Amongst many things drawing is an area that mobile devices especially tablets feel quite at home with. Pinchboard is an

aerofly FS for iPhone

Flight simulator games have always been a firm favorite with gamers. Whether you are looking for something fun or perhaps a more authentic experience. This latest offering from iPACS really does take to

Word Search Gold

For all those that love word searches Word Search gold is bringing an authentic word search experience to Android Devices everywhere. There are many popular puzzles that have made the transition to

Green Champion

The environment in this day and age is of the upmost concern. This new app for the Android can really help education yourself and others about the most upfront environmental issues. This app is the


The Internet is always a good place to share ideas. We have all seen polls online. This new interesting social app allows you to vote on your iPhone on literally any subject. Opinions certainly in this

CE Check Mark

We all want to ensure that we have safe products. This new app allows a user to check the authenticity of an EU safety marking which appears on a wide range of products. When you buy a new product,

Legend Online: Dragons

This game is for those that love the online RPG experience. This takes the mobile gamer to a true fantasy realm. In this game you truly are entering a realm of fantasy. A world of mythical beasts and

Battery Minder

In the portable world, battery life is a big thing. But there is nothing worse than neglecting the need to recharge and loosing valuable work and time. We have all been there and been working on a portable